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At Home, At Work & On The Road

We are a membership based community that provides the following:

  • Information about electric vehicles and charging stations;

  • Access to conveniently located driveway charging stations that can be reserved when you need them;

  • Connection with electric vehicle mechanics and charging station installers;

  • and Urban Services that simplifies vehicle charging for urban customers.


Our mission is to make your electric car ownership enjoyable, worry-free, and fun. Our membership program is tiered, collecting only the information needed to provide the services that you select.

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ZAPIFY Knowledgebase

ZAPIFY aims to be your prime source of information for all things related to electric vehicle ownership.  This information is accessible via three sources.

  1. A Newsfeed that keeps you up to date on the latest advancements in the industry.

  2. A Forum that allows our community to exchange ideas and information relating to electric vehicles and charging stations.

  3. Social Media postings to our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

"Become a Knowledgebase Member" to stay up to date and share your experiences.

ZAPIFY Marketplace

Our ZAPIFY Marketplace is a convenient, map-driven system to help you locate the services you need quickly. This Marketplace consists of the following three services:

  1. Driveway Charging Station Network that pairs owners of private charging stations with owners of electric vehicles who need a charge. This is a nationwide network and it provides the ability to reserve and access charging stations located both; a) in residential driveways located near restaurants, office buildings, downtown areas, shopping centers, medical buildings, and other buildings used by the public, and b) in members driveways, allowing neighbors to share access to a charging station.

  2. A Mechanic Finder that helps owners of electric vehicles easily find local mechanics who are certified to work on their brand of vehicle.

  3. A Charging Station Installation Finder that identifies electricians near you who can install your charging station. Please check out the charging stations for sale in our company store. Once you install a charging station in your driveway, please consider becoming a Driveway Charging Station partner and monetizing your driveway!

If you are an owner of a residential charging station, an electric vehicle mechanic, or a charging station installer and would like to offer your services through our Marketplace, select “Become a  Marketplace Partner” below.

If you own an electric car and would like to use the services in our Marketplace, select “Become a Marketplace Customer” below.


ZAPIFY understands the struggles of owning an electric vehicle while living in a city and not having a dedicated garage or driveway to put your own charging station. To ease this burden, ZAPIFY has selected Uber as a transportation supplier to make getting to and from local charging stations in our network safe and convenient. When you need a charge, simply book a charging station in our network and once you plug it in, call an Uber through our website and you will be minutes away from being picked up and brought home. In the morning, simply reverse the process and pick up your car. We are currently working with Uber to get you access to low-priced Uber rates based on our business volume! We plan on offering these low rates to our Urban Customers through a subscription-based service. Once this functionality is available and when you sign up for this service, you will have the ability to book as many Uber rides as you feel that you will need. Stay tuned for more information!

If you would like to become an Urban customer, select “Become an Urban Customer” below.

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