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What Is Zapify

At Home, At Work or On The Road

At Zapify, we aim to be the premier provider of electric vehicle charging at home, at work, and on the road.

 We believe that a clean environment does not need to be boring, slow, or cumbersome. At Zapify we embrace technology to bring creative charging and car care solutions to making electric vehicle ownership simple, enjoyable and worry free.  

At the Heart of Zapify are our community members.  Become a member for access to the latest information on all things regarding Electric Cars and access to our services. 

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Charge You Car

At Home, At Work or On The Road

We provide two exciting new methods of charging your car that are not currently available:

Concierge Services – Zapify provides weekly and on-demand Concierge Services to urban customers, where our employees pick your car up and bring it to be charged. Additionally, we offer a group of Car Care Services that make owning an electric car easy for these urban customers.

Driveway Charging Stations – Through the Driveway Charging Station network, Zapify pairs owners of private charging stations with owners of electric vehicles who need a charge. This is a nationwide marketplace and it provides access to charging stations in residential driveways located near office buildings, downtown areas, shopping centers, medical buildings and other buildings used by the public.  


Concierge Booking

We come to you


Driveway Booking

Our self-service option


Monitize Your Driveway

Do you own an electric vehicle?


Do you have a charging station in your driveway?


Do you live near where people go? i.e. restaurants, downtown shopping districts, office buildings, sports complex, medical centers, etc?


Would you like to put your driveway station to work making money for you?


If you answered yes to these questions, we would love to talk with you. At Zapify, we are creating a nationwide network of charging stations, located in people’s driveways. You might ask, Why are we doing this? There are multiple reasons including:

  • Owners of electric vehicles need access to charging stations while they are out doing errands to extend the range of their travels and to alleviate their concerns about running out of battery.

  • Driveway charging stations are a fast, easy way to add charging capacity to the network, while rewarding the owners of electric vehicles.

  • By locating additional charging stations near restaurants, shops, and offices, drivers can easily add range to their day while they accomplish the tasks that brought them out in the first place.

  • Through the Zapify website, the driver will have the ability to reserve a driveway charging station so it is available when it is needed. No more hunting for charging stations!

  • By selecting a driveway charging station, driver’s are not only helping reduce air pollution, they are supporting another electric vehicle owner, you, who happens to also belong to the driveway charging network. This is a community, let’s help each other! 

  • As a driveway charging station owner, you are in control! Within the Zapify website, when you toggle your station on, it becomes visible on the map and is available for use by customers. When you don’t want any more customers for the day, you simply toggle the station off and your station is no longer visible and can no longer be booked. You will receive notifications when a customer books your station, so you know when it is being used. Also, you will have access to a calendar that shows you all the existing reservations for your charging station.

  • You set your own rate per hour, Zapify adds a modest fee for our services. The system let’s you change your rate whenever you want.

  • Additionally, if you live near restaurants, shops, and offices and want to offer parking in your driveway, for Zapify customers who do not need a charge, we are also offering that service.


Sign up, join, the movement, and make money while supporting this major shift in our transportation infrastructure.

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