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Do you live in an urban area?

Do you park your car on the street due to the lack of a dedicated parking spot?

Are you interested in owning a premium electric car, but don’t have the time or energy to charge it?

If you have answered yes to these questions, we would love to talk with you! Zapify provides a concierge service  that makes owning an electric vehicle simple. Once you are enrolled in our program, we ensure that your car’s battery is charged weekly, giving you worry free ownership of your electric car. If you decide to take a longer trip, you can also schedule additional charges before you go, or after your return.


Once you are a member of Zapify, we also offer additional a-la-carte services such as having your car detailed, washed, or taken to the dealership or mechanic for any repairs. Our mission is to make your desire to own an electric vehicle a reality and to make that ownership worry-free! So, indulge yourself, join the movement and buy that electric car, then Zapify it!

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