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Scott Andersen

VP Marketing & Technology


I have always been an early adopter of technology. I love gadgets and believe that technology used properly had the ability augment our lives - not take it over. From an early age I started building computers and gained a real appreciation of how technology can be a force for good. I have also applied this thinking to my love of cars. From my first muscle car as a teenager to the Tesla I drive today, I have always loved for ways to improve the driving experience.

What I have come to realize, however, is that although electric vehicles are an extremely positive addition to our transportation infrastructure, "range anxiety" is a real issue for EV owners. As life becomes more hectic, where do we find the to charge our cars? That is where Zapify comes in. Knowing that my next charge is only a click away and does not take hours out of my busy schedule does wonders in terms of eliminating the main drawback of owning an EV.

Having started and run a number of companies across the technology, consumer goods, retail and hospitality spaces, I am extremely excited to be joining my friends Paul and Will in improving the EV ownership experience and help drive the automotive industry forward in a way that is beneficial to not only drivers but the planet as well.

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