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At Home, At Work & On The Road

We are a membership based community that provides information about electric vehicles and charging stations, access to conveniently located charging stations that can be reserved when you need them, and a set of concierge services that include electric car charging and car care services. Our mission is to make your electric car ownership enjoyable, worry-free, and fun. Our membership program is tiered, collecting only the information needed to provide the services that you select.

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Driveway Charging Station Network

Through our Driveway Charging Station Network, Zapify pairs owners of private charging stations with owners of electric vehicles who need a charge. This is a nationwide marketplace and it provides access to charging stations located in residential driveways located near restaurants, office buildings, downtown areas, shopping centers, medical buildings, and other buildings used by the public.

If you are an owner of a residential charging station and would like to monetize your charging station, select “Become a Charging Partner” below.

If you own an electric car and would like to use the Driveway Charging Stations on our network, select “Become a Driveway Charging Station Customer” below.

Concierge Services

Zapify provides weekly and on-demand Concierge Services to urban customers who either live or work in the city. Our employees will pick up your car and bring it to be charged while you sleep, work, or play.  Additionally, we offer a group of Car Care Services for Concierge Members that make owning an electric car easy and convenient.

If you would like to have us charge and provide car care services for you, select “Become a Concierge Services Customer” below.

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